Tech Trends for 2014

Tech Trends for 2014

An article from the CBC on Tech Trends for 2014 – some specifically for health care, others that will certainly have an impact on health care.

Addtionally, here’s the link to the Deloitte report on their site. Very nicely done presentation in SlideShare


EHR Opinion Piece

In this article entitled, Electronic Health Records for Canadians, the President and CEO of Canada Infoway Inc. highlights the importance of Canadians realizing the role that electronic health records will play and that to realize this role Canadians will have to demand the information. Although this article is not the most recent, it brings to light many valid points. It offers insight into the benefits of EHR’s and the role that they will play in the healthcare system.

I think this is a great article and a really impassioned plea for introducing an electronic record. I like the way Alvarez has put it in simple terms and related it to our every day lives (we can use an ATM but what happens if I get hit by a bus and taken to the ER? and no info? – everyone can relate to that!)

Health Information Professional Week

This year’s Health Information Professionals Week took place from March 16th – 22nd. It was a week set up by the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA) in order to raise awareness and provide support, representation and training to professionals in the Health Informatics Management fields. This week also provided an opportunity to showcase the thousands of HIM professionals who perform their duties masterfully throughout the year.

The theme for this year was “Health Information… Branching out” and was meant to embody the growth that is being experienced in this field, the vast amounts of new opportunities available to health information professionals, and the need for continued growth with respect to wider availability of the eHealth records.

As a result of the week, and part of preparation for it, they have developed a number of useful tools for those interested in HIM or attending Health Information Professionals week, from their website:

  • HI&P Week Questions and Answers
  • About HIM Fact Sheet
  • Big Data and Analytics Fact Sheet
  • A poster for you to print and display or to share electronically with your colleauges
  • Some relevant YouTube Videos
  • A powerpoint presentation (.pptx format and a PDF Format) which has been designed for playing at your table/booth. It’s designed to be click-free and will play on a continuous loop. This can also be shared electronically with colleagues.
    *this powerpoint was developed using the 2010 version. If you’re using a different version you may need to right click and save as to your computer.
  • Hospital News article about the Evolvoing HIM profession  as a resource to share
  • Social media – please use the #HIMbranchingout hashtag on Twitter and share our posts on Facebook and LinkedIn throughout the week

For more information check out the Canadian Health Information Management Assiociation