Health Informatics Programs

It seems health informatics programs are in high demand, but schools aren’t implementing them. At UWO there is a very low enrolment in the health informatics option for software engineering, and they’re not even sure if they will keep it around! There is also very little advertising and information surrounding the program, many students will only go into it due to the fact that they were told about the program from a person that has already gone into it.

This article is an interesting link where schools are slow to integrate health informatics programs even though there is an increasing market demand

Unethical EHRs?

Some people think Gordon Atherley is a “doomsday” author around this sort of stuff (privacy). However, this is an Interesting read nonetheless, particularly the parts revolving around Veteran’s Affairs . It is great to see a different perspective offered as well that goes opposite to the mainstream media and questions some of the structures that are being put into place.

Enrico Coiera on eHealth

This article relates mostly to Australia’s health care but touches on our own system. He asserts that since the scale of our  system is so large, it makes it difficult to accomplish success. Enrico has written many pieces and textbooks for health informatics related topics, thus his opinion is a well-respected one.